Well, Hello there friend. I’m Carlton Roberts, an Atlanta based Illustrator & Designer
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Lovies Restaurant

A rebrand of an established bbq restaurant that took a leap in a new culinary direction of “Smoked Comfort” food.

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Lovies is a Smoked Comfort food restaurant in Atlanta, Ga. Using authentic methods they have offered true smoked cuisine since 2015. I was able to update the brand identity by combining unique dining experience with a popular modern asthetic.


Global Shop

The creation of a unique and memorable presence for Phase 3 at an annual international trade-show and conference.

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GlobalShop is the premier showing for retail design and shopper marketing experience. I created the look and feel for both the Phase 3 booth and the additional marketing and collateral pieces.


Holidays on Broughton

The development and branding of an inagural holiday event for the historic main street of Savannah, Ga.

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Enriched in history and tradition, popular Broughton Street in Savannah, Georgia was once the communal gathering spot during the holiday season. Known as Savannah’s original retail Main Street, I  was entrusted with the task to restore holiday cheer on Broughton.



Variety of illustrations for personal and client work

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Carlton Roberts, at age eight, had the coolest Ninja Turtle figures in his neighborhood.

Carlton is a human who draws things and moves stuff on a computer in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born and raised in Germany, where he learned the fundamentals of being a moderately chill person. Carlton is well rounded in print design, illustration, graphics for the web and mobile applications, logo design and a medley of other impractical talents. When not talking in the third person he enjoys fancy food, not fancy food, his dog Lucille, and watching the Jackie Chan classic "Rumble in the Bronx".

*May Be Cooler in Person
Drop me a line if you like what I do or just want to grab some tacos.